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An AI assistant.
For your company.

Trained on all your company’s information, powered by state-of-the-art LLMs, Sana AI gives everyone access to the knowledge they need to work faster and think bigger than ever before.

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Enterprise-ready generative AI

ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. Data encrypted at rest with AES 256 and in transit with TLS 1.2+.

Secure integrations in a single tap

HR-systems. Productivity tools.
CRMs. Secure upload.

Search across every app.
Wait for no one.

From Slack to Salesforce, Google to Notion, Sana AI searches all your company's knowledge within 100ms. Simply type what you're seeking in your own words, and let Sana locate every relevant document, email, message, slide, and spreadsheet.

Chat your way to the best outcome

Sana AI does more than just organize your company's knowledge—it understands it. Get the most up-to-date answers on anything from product specs to payroll policies. Summarized in natural language. With accurate citations.

When you’re new to the job

When you’re getting things done

When you’re looking for insight

Customer support

Quicker responses. Happier customers.

HR & Operations

Automated admin. Reduced margins.

Product development

More aligned. More shipped.

Sales enablement

Ramped faster. Closing stronger.

Turn verbal conversations into collective insight

Sana AI transcribes, summarizes, and indexes your meetings so no one misses a beat and every insight is locatable. Down to the millisecond.

Capture the talking points

Recall every detail

Discover your company’s knowledge gaps in real time

Monitor the quality of your assistant's responses and identify where you might need to create new content for frequently-asked questions.

Design your own assistant for every department

From Sales and Support to HR and Ops, you can customize an assistant to each team’s unique context and needs.

Leveraging artificial intelligence for human intelligence

Research shows that generative AI can increase your team's productivity by 50%, helping them to work faster, focus on significant problems, stay in the flow longer, and feel more fulfilled at work.

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general productivity increase


higher-quality task output


increase in customer purchases

Sources: Academy of Management, HBS, MIT

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The world’s first expert assistant for HR

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Technology should not aim to replace humans, rather amplify human capabilities.”

—Douglas Engelbart

Designed and engineered in Stockholm, Sweden
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